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SVG Tiny 1.1 plus document to draw:

Currently TinyLine GAE supports PNG raster image format. Please don't use JPEGs in your SVG Tiny files.
The target PNG width and height must be specified in pixels and their values must be limited in range from 20 to 1024 pixels.

TinyLine SVG Examples

Name Description
tman.svg Viewer Example - The static SVG Tiny viewer.
fonts-elem-01-t.svg W3C Test - This is a basic test for embedded SVG fonts.
pservers-grad-05-b.svg W3C Test - Checks the stop opacity in linear and radial gradients.
struct-image-01-t.svg W3C Test - The basic image formats in SVG. The lower right has a PNG image.
struct-image-03-t.svg W3C Test - This test verifies gamma support for PNG images.

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